6 Helpful Tips for Establishing an Internet Presence

The only way to grow a business is to acquire a tribe of followers, who will then play the telephone game with their own circles of friends by passing on the wonderful news of your company.
While the word-of-mouth method works wonders in person-to-person interactions, it is absolutely essential to fire up the computer and join the digital marketing world. Why?
The fiber optic nation is perhaps the heartbeat of today’s means of social networking. Don’t be afraid of getting started! Paradoxically, the Internet lends out helpful tips on how to use . . . well, the Internet. Here are some for your using!

(1) Gather and utilize your company’s photos, logo, and any marketing material you’ve already created for yourself.

(2) Purchase a domain name. I personally recommend godaddy.com or hostgator.com cost, which will only run you around $15. You want to pick something that is short and sweet (preferably under 25 characters), but also memorable. Here are some examples:

Mpression Marketing Group (my business): mmg-ct.com
Thirteenth Floor Graphics & Printing: tfgp.net
Founders Technology Group: ftgct.com

If the domain you have chosen happens to already be taken, simply insert your state abbreviation in your desired name: mmg-ct.com

(3) If you are working with a limited budget, purchase a WordPress template for your website. Envato Market has them for purchase for around $50 – http://themeforest.net/item/beauty-hair-spa-salon-wordpress-theme/10809566

You will need someone to install the template and change the design/photos to get to where it is unique to your businesses, but this is well worth it. Do not just use a standard template, simply because a competitor down the street could be using the same template. Be creative!

(4) Once you have the site up, have it listed on search directories (as well as their maps), such as Bing, Google, Yahoo, and Yelp. A simple Google search on how to do so should guide you through the steps.

(5) I would then establish social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. You want to utilize these tools because they refer individuals to your website.

(6) Lastly (and this is an ongoing process), you will want to develop an editorial calendar. I use a simple excel spreadsheet to gather my thoughts. This is an outline of what you are going to post on social media broken down by day, weekly, monthly, etc.

Viola! You now have the necessary means of launching your business digitally. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at michelle@mmg-ct.com.

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