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Want to know why Mpession’s was started ?


My name is Michelle Stanish and I founded Mpression Marketing Group (formerly Mpression Graphics) in 2007. I had a well-paying 9-5 job that took care of the bills and allowed me to live a care-free lifestyle. I would often take walks with my mother, a business woman, and we’d always talk about having the freedom to set our own hours and pay.


A defining moment in my life happened in 2009 when a childhood friend passed away in a car accident. The company I was working with allowed me some time off, but it really hit home when they said “Isn’t one day to mourn enough?”


At that moment, I took the leap to form my own business. I had sleepless nights. I kept asking myself, “Why can’t I pay next month’s mortgage bill?” I’d skip out on dinner with friends because money was tight and I’d wonder, “Why can I get clients, but not a reoccuring pool of clients?”


My mother, rolemodel and friend said, “Michelle, everything you have ever wanted in your life, you have given 110% and have achieved. This is no different. Figure out what you need to do to succeed and do it!”


I turned to successful businessmen and women, read entrepreneurial books and committed myself in trying every marketing tactic out there to see what worked. During this process I learned that educating business owners on marketing was key.

Ask yourself these six important questions.


Awards & Credibility

  • Author of “Social Media Calendar: Generating Conversation Online”
  • Recognized marketing authority and speaker for Farmington Chamber of Commerce.
  • Successful business owner, using the techniques I teach to my clients.

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