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The Four M’s of Content Marketing

Ever get the sense that there is just way too much information coming at you on a daily basis? Have you thought that perhaps you’re missing something important in the midst of all the noise? Or maybe you just want to duck under the covers and hide from all those words?
Your customers may feel the same way and, while it’s great to empathize with them, it’s very important to realize what they feel because it can mean the difference between sending marketing content that will be ignored and information that will delight your customers and bring their business to your door.
There are two components to making sure your content is not only seen but appreciated: present good content as part of a valuable customer experience. To do this, Mpression Marketing Group recommends using the four M’s. Make sure your marketing campaign is Mature, Motivating, Manageable, and all about ME!
As a business owner, you have enough to do without creating busy work. When you take the time to create content, you have a reason for doing so: to motivate your customers to do something, perhaps share the story so that their friends and family become familiar with your products or services. So, make that call to action clear: give them a button labeled Share or Get Coupon or even Call Us Today!
Content is about more than words. The way those words are organized within sentences and laid out on the page, including fonts and white space, will either carry your message clearly or obscure it. Take the time to fully develop your content so that the reader isn’t distracted by spelling errors or formatting that obscures your point.
You don’t want to frustrate your customers so make sure your content will work on the devices they prefer. If someone wants to find your phone number from a mobile device, make sure that your web site is compatible or that someone will give up on you and call you competitor.
One of the oldest rules of marketing is to create an experience that answers the question, “What’s in it for the customer?” Human nature means you’re perspective is your own and it can be a challenge to imagine yourself in your customers’ shoes but as difficult as that might be, it’s critical to do. If you are excited about a recent remodel of your showroom, your content should describe how that new layout will help the customer find what he or she wants. Go that extra step and make sure the customer can click in your message to get a sample, whether that is seeing pictures of the new space or perhaps finding items online.
Getting the word out is not easy in this age of information. Make sure you stand out and get results for your marketing efforts. Use these tips and call Mpression Marketing Group if you have questions!

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Everyday Content

The only way to grow a business is to acquire a tribe of followers, who will then play the telephone game with their own circles of friends by passing on the wonderful news of your company.


As more and more consumers begin to use mobile devices, it is becoming more frequent for business owners to ask me, “How do I get my content to rank higher up in research results?”
While there is no simple answer, here are some essential tips towards gaining top results spots upon search engine inquiries:

(1) Intentional Keywords.

When I first started this business, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consisted of listing a bunch of keywords and phrases on the backend of a website, as well as implementing them into page titles and texts. Flashing forward to today, relevancy has become most important. What questions are people asking? Does your website answer those questions? Have you conducted research to determine where a person goes once they arrive at your page? Are you offering them a reason to stay, learn or gain insight?

(2) Content.

Content reigns supreme when it comes to website design. Make sure your website has a purpose beyond who you are as a company and what services you provide. Do you offer branded content? Is the content informational or transactional? When people Google search a topic, your content would do best to match their needs, or else they will take off like greased lightning.

(3) Content Portability

Google’s guidelines play an important role in how high up in search results your website will appear. Design, layout, fonts, spacing, and borders play a key role. How is your content viewed across multiple platforms? How about different devices, such as tablets and smart phones?

(4) Micro-Content

Creating content that is highly appealing and sharable should be done so in a way that it becomes quick and simple to read. Like a rare steak in a vegetarian restaurant, your message should stick out. Images, bullet points and bolded text are examples of ways to reinforce the key points of your message.

According to a statistic from Website Magazine, when copy is longer than 2,000 words, the more likely it is to be read and shared. But it also states that regardless of length, writers should divide their content into shorter sections to essentially trick readers’ brains into believing content is easy to read. In their example of a pyramid approach, the most important information lies at the top, while less important information dwindles toward the bottom.

(5) Measurement

Comprehending and keeping track of frequency of page views and shares are imperative to measuring the success of your content. Ideally, you want your audience to engage and return habitually.

By now you can see there is a pattern with this list and it all focuses around content – creating, repurposing, sharing and engaging with your audience to obtain loyal viewers. Be unique and outline a content marketing strategy for long-term success. Need help? There are plenty of online articles to lead you in the right direction. Website Magazine‘s Quick Guide to Content Quality is a helpful example.

Still stuck? Live locally in Connecticut? Request a meet and greet with Mpression Marketing Group to discuss your marketing struggles.
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6 Helpful Tips for Establishing an Internet Presence

The only way to grow a business is to acquire a tribe of followers, who will then play the telephone game with their own circles of friends by passing on the wonderful news of your company.


While the word-of-mouth method works wonders in person-to-person interactions, it is absolutely essential to fire up the computer and join the digital marketing world. Why?


The fiber optic nation is perhaps the heartbeat of today’s means of social networking. Don’t be afraid of getting started! Paradoxically, the Internet lends out helpful tips on how to use . . . well, the Internet. Here are some for your using!


(1) Gather and utilize your company’s photos, logo, and any marketing material you’ve already created for yourself.


(2) Purchase a domain name. I personally recommend or cost, which will only run you around $15. You want to pick something that is short and sweet (preferably under 25 characters), but also memorable. Here are some examples:


Mpression Marketing Group (my business):
Thirteenth Floor Graphics & Printing:
Founders Technology Group:


If the domain you have chosen happens to already be taken, simply insert your state abbreviation in your desired name:


(3) If you are working with a limited budget, purchase a WordPress template for your website. Envato Market has them for purchase for around $50 –


You will need someone to install the template and change the design/photos to get to where it is unique to your businesses, but this is well worth it. Do not just use a standard template, simply because a competitor down the street could be using the same template. Be creative!


(4) Once you have the site up, have it listed on search directories (as well as their maps), such as Bing, Google, Yahoo, and Yelp. A simple Google search on how to do so should guide you through the steps.


(5) I would then establish social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. You want to utilize these tools because they refer individuals to your website.


(6) Lastly (and this is an ongoing process), you will want to develop an editorial calendar. I use a simple excel spreadsheet to gather my thoughts. This is an outline of what you are going to post on social media broken down by day, weekly, monthly, etc.


Viola! You now have the necessary means of launching your business digitally. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at
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The Latest Facebook Marketing Duo: Promote Page and Boost Post

Facebook is multifaceted in its advertising abilities. Besides handy tools such as Facebook Ads and Sponsored Stories, the platform has recently gifted users with other helpful features, known as Promote Page and Boost Post.


In broad terminology, the difference between the two methods is as follows: If a business aims to expand its general audience, the Promote Page option is most useful. If the company wishes to engage an audience with specific content being posted, then the Boost Post feature is of superior use. While both seek to improve popularity, page promotion allows more targeting and pricing options. Generally speaking, Promote Page is more complex, whilst Boost Page is simple and requires very little effort.


The only partial downside is that users are required to compensate Facebook for its marketing services in both aspects. The reason it is only partial disadvantage is because users are given flexible budgeting options when selecting the option to promote or boost a page/status. While conserving money is a top priority for companies, setting aside a small amount of cash to promote content is never a poor choice!


To learn more about how to promote a Facebook page, visit


The amount of Likes a page receives generally represents its overall popularity on Facebook. Obtaining those Likes can be challenging and tedious. Mpression Marketing Group provides monthly packages to help engage and monitor Facebook Business Pages. For more information schedule a meet & greet
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Shedding Light on the Dark: Facebook’s “Dark Post” magic explained . . .

Big name brands on Facebook have been battling over marketing schemes for quite some time now, and the competition shows no signs of catching its breath. The latest war tactic is what’s known as a “dark post,” and known to a handful as an “unpublished post.”


As defined by Google, a dark post is “A status update, link share, video or photo that was never meant to be shared as an organic post.” The amount of control allotted to a brand while creating a dark post is what separates it from the normal ad.


To avoid muddling the issue, it’s critical to understand that dark posts are still technically published, hence why brands are nervous to call them “unpublished posts.” The difference is that dark posts are not publically published. Instead, they are controlled by brands to show up only on targeted users’ timelines (groups of users’ timelines), and appear as sponsored ads.


Aside from using dark posts to expand their market, another reason why they are used is to avoid repetition of content already known by current fans. This is why they won’t show up on regular timelines, which would publically broadcast content to everyone, including those who may already know the deal. More marketing control equates to an overall better market.


To learn how Mpression can further establish your brand’s overall presence, click here.


Hill, Jared. “Facebook Dark Posts vs Facebook Ads.” Hill Media Group Modesto Web Design Creative Agency. N.p., 12 Aug. 2014. Web. 09 Sept. 2015. <>.


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Understanding Facebook Advertising Policies

Rules and regulations are what set the standards for conduct and safety in any situation. On the Internet, it can be very easy to violate these policies, for there are frequent issues regarding copyright infringement and advertising limitations. To our benefit, Facebook hosts a section dedicated to outlining what is and is not acceptable whilst advertising. Taken directly from Facebook, here is a broad overview of its advertising policies:


1. Ads may not include images with text that covers more than 20% of the image’s area.


2. When using Facebook’s name in an ad, capitalize the “F,” making sure the text matches its surroundings. Also be sure to never use Facebook’s image logo.


3. Review your ad before submitting for approval, focusing directly on omitting any age-restricted material. Ads that are seen as unsuitable for certain audiences, such as youth, will not be accepted (see the full policy for a more detailed list of what is prohibited and restricted).


4. Using targeting options to discriminate against, harass, provoke, or belittle users or to engage in predatory advertising practices is strictly prohibited.


5. Ad content must be relevant to the services being promoted and must accurately represent the promoted company, service or product.


6. Ads must not imply a Facebook or Instagram endorsement or partnership of any kind, or an endorsement by any other Facebook Company.


For a more detailed version of Facebook’s Advertising Policies, visit
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3rd Annual Business Summit in Farmington, CT

Wed., Nov. 18, 2015
Hartford Marriott
15 Farm Springs Rd, Farmington, CT
7:30 am – 11:00 am

Are You Ready for 2020?

Hear from our keynote speaker and panelists on the latest in technology, information security, housing trends, energy, and workforce/talent recruitment. Join us for a morning full of information to help you prepare for tomorrow’s needs in the workplace.

$40 :: Chamber Members
$50 :: Non-Members

*Sponsorship Opportunities are also Available.

Learn More.
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Small Business Mastermind Session

– What is a mastermind session?

Oftentimes when considering obstacles, it helps to talk with like-minded business owners who are creative, have “been there/done that,” and who are eager to help you succeed. A mastermind group is built around this concept.

– How is a mastermind conducted?

Each person will have the spotlight for 20 minutes, at which time, the group will focus the conversation on that individuals specific business challenges. The session facilitator (Janet Johnson) will facilitate a group brainstorm session to define possible solutions based on your individual specific challenges discusses during your spotlight moment.

– How do I prepare for this event?

Prior to the event, you will be given a “preparation” document to help assure that you get the most from your 20 minute focus (which can fly by in a snap).

Join us Thursday, October 22nd for a small business mastermind session! 

Limited Seats Available
Cost is FREE
Thurs. Oct 22, 9:30am – 12pm
At Mpression Marketing Group:
963 Queen Street, Unit F
Southington, CT 06489

RSVP via Email

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Business Bookclub Launching Nov 2, 2015

Business Bookclub– Do ever you wish there was a forum for discussing the newest trends and ideas in the business world?

– Do you wish you could explore the leading-edge business practices you read about with others in your company?

– Do you wish you could set aside a few hours every month to connect with like-minded business professionals?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the answer is simple: Join Mpression Marketing Group’s business bookclub!

Starting Monday November 2nd, you can now join others in a reading group that allows you to become apart of a reading group which will stimulate your own thinking, providing the opportunity for greater insight on how new ideas or theories might be put to practical use in your own work and in your organization.

Join us Monday, November 2, 2015 for our first meeting!  Bring a list of business books you are interested in reading.

Limited Seats Available
Cost is FREE
1st Mon of the Month at 6pm
At Mpression Marketing Group:
963 Queen Street, Unit F
Southington, CT 06489

RSVP via Email

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Are You Getting All You Can Out Of Facebook For Promoting Your Business?

Facebook is already well known for its simplicity and efficiency in promoting businesses of all sizes. In today’s marketing world, not having a Facebook page for your company is a big “Don’t” – we all know this. So how have they taken it to the next level?

The latest and greatest development by Facebook is their introduction of Bluetooth® beacons. These devices, which are free of charge for businesses, utilize Bluetooth® technology to deliver a signal to the Facebook app on customers’ smart phones to help show them place tips on the most relevant information regarding a given business.

For common facts about Facebook beacons, visit

“Place Tips is an opt-in feature that provides tips at the top of the News Feed for Facebook users when they enter a business or landmark,” says Entrepreneur staff writer Kate Taylor. “Tips are unique to the user, mixing friends’ recommendations, upcoming events at the locations and posts from the business’s Facebook page.”

Simply put, place tips present further information to clients about the businesses they visit. The technology has vastly improved businesses’ online activity, which is also great for brick and mortar establishments.

​If you’re interested in setting up Place Tips for your business, you can request a beacon from Facebook here:

The only way to stay afloat on the Internet is to keep active. In other words, make sure to frequently post status updates, photos, and check-ins on Facebook. This will help ensure that you can get the most out of Place Tips.

Mpression Marketing Group provides monthly packages to help engage and monitor Facebook Business Pages. For more information schedule a meet & greet

Taylor, Kate. “Facebook Is Giving Out Free Bluetooth Beacons to Businesses.” Editorial. Entrepreneur. N.p., 8 June 2015. Web. 23 June 2015. <>.

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