Facebook Messenger for Business

Facebook Messenger is a great tool for business owners to utilize when it comes to providing an additional way for prospective customers to be able to get a-hold of you. We live in a day and age where many customers prefer to email versus calling on the phone. Messenger serves as an additional way for customers to contact you and can serve as a live-chat tool.

One way to utilize messenger is to set-up auto-responders. For instance, when someone types a message into the chat box, you can set it up to auto-reply back a message such as:
“Thank you [name] for reaching out. We are currently away from our desk and will review your request shortly. If this is an emergency, please call our office at (860) 255-8446.”

You can also set-up autoresponders to reply different messages at different times of day. For instance, if it is after-hours or the weekend, you would want to set up a different targeted message then the one mentioned above.

In my experience, utilizing Facebook messenger has increased the conversion rate of my business. Most questions asked via messenger can be answered within five minutes, and customers love the fast-quick turnaround.

Try it today!

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