The Four M’s of Content Marketing

Ever get the sense that there is just way too much information coming at you on a daily basis? Have you thought that perhaps you’re missing something important in the midst of all the noise? Or maybe you just want to duck under the covers and hide from all those words?

Your customers may feel the same way and, while it’s great to empathize with them, it’s very important to realize what they feel because it can mean the difference between sending marketing content that will be ignored and information that will delight your customers and bring their business to your door.

There are two components to making sure your content is not only seen but appreciated: present good content as part of a valuable customer experience. To do this, Mpression Marketing Group recommends using the four M’s. Make sure your marketing campaign is Mature, Motivating, Manageable, and all about ME!


As a business owner, you have enough to do without creating busy work. When you take the time to create content, you have a reason for doing so: to motivate your customers to do something, perhaps share the story so that their friends and family become familiar with your products or services. So, make that call to action clear: give them a button labeled Share or Get Coupon or even Call Us Today!


Content is about more than words. The way those words are organized within sentences and laid out on the page, including fonts and white space, will either carry your message clearly or obscure it. Take the time to fully develop your content so that the reader isn’t distracted by spelling errors or formatting that obscures your point.


You don’t want to frustrate your customers so make sure your content will work on the devices they prefer. If someone wants to find your phone number from a mobile device, make sure that your web site is compatible or that someone will give up on you and call you competitor.


One of the oldest rules of marketing is to create an experience that answers the question, “What’s in it for the customer?” Human nature means you’re perspective is your own and it can be a challenge to imagine yourself in your customers’ shoes but as difficult as that might be, it’s critical to do. If you are excited about a recent remodel of your showroom, your content should describe how that new layout will help the customer find what he or she wants. Go that extra step and make sure the customer can click in your message to get a sample, whether that is seeing pictures of the new space or perhaps finding items online.

Getting the word out is not easy in this age of information. Make sure you stand out and get results for your marketing efforts. Use these tips and call Mpression Marketing Group if you have questions!

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