G Suite – Write Now and Send Later

Have you ever worked with clients in different time zones or wanted to send an email update at a later date and time? If you are a Google Suite user, you may have come across the “Schedule Send” tool.


Why would you use it?


There are a few ways you may want to utilize the “Schedule Send” tool.

  • Schedule birthday wishes in advance so that you don’t forget.
  • If you have a colleague in a different time zone and you want to be courteous when they hear that “you got mail” chime on their cell-phone.
  • You’ve outlined a proposal to a client, but don’t want to be eager and send it over right away.
  • Do you have a meeting scheduled and want to schedule an email reminder to go out 24-hours prior to the meeting.
  • If you check in quarterly or monthly with your clients, develop a template and pre-schedule to send on certain dates and times.


It is easy. Write up an email as you normally would, then select the date/time you would like it to go out. Once you have scheduled the email, it will appear in a “scheduled” folder until it is actually emailed. This will allow you to make edits if needed.


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