How does your website appear on a smartphone?

35% of all websites are viewed on mobile devices.

How does your website appear on a smartphone?

Earlier this year I began offering free website analysis reports to local business owners. I often find that most business owners are confused about what a mobile website is and many think that their website is mobile compatible, when it is not.

To cause even more frustrated, often times when one realizes their site is not mobile, their current website company will charge them thousands of dollars to convert their site. I am embarrassed to say that these are the people who make other web companies look bad.

It does not need to cost you thousands of dollars to make your website mobile!

Not sure if your site is mobile?

mobile dont
non-responsive website examples

Check out the photo on the left. These are two examples of non-mobile websites. Pull up your website on a smartphone and ask yourself – can viewers see your website on the entire screen, or do they need to scroll in and out as well as left to right to be able to read your sites copy. Is is nearly impossible to click on the navigation links?

A mobile site should fit perfectly within a mobile screen. No scrolling or zooming-in is necessary. The image on the right showcases two examples.

mobile do
responsive website examples

Still not sure is your website is mobile? Email me at and I will gladly take a quick peek.

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P.S. Converting a website to be mobile compatible costs a one-time fee of around $680 and takes 1-3 weeks to complete. Still not sure if it’s in your price range? Mpression Marketing Group is currently offering 25% off website mobile conversions. Email with your companies URL using promo code MOBILE25 for a fast and free quote! This special offer ends December 1, 2014.

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