Meet June Schilling; Graphic Designer

At Mpression Marketing Group (formerly known as Mpression Graphics) we pride ourselves on working with a network of creative professionals to give our clients the best service and products possible.

You wouldn’t use a plumber to fix your car, therefore we don’t use a graphic designer to take photographs or a web developer to design logos. No one is perfect at all things “creative.” Therefore, we use the best graphic designers, photographers, web developers, copywriters and digital marketing specialists around to give you the expertise to help you with your specific marketing needs.

Over the next few blog posts we will be featuring some of the talented individuals we use and today’s lucky line-up features June Schilling, a graphic designer out of Bristol, CT.

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Q1: What intrigued you about becoming a graphic designer?

Honestly, I’ve always loved art. But wasn’t talented enough to be an Illustrator or Fine Artist. I felt that I had an eye for design and a career in Graphic Design would be a way for me to apply my artistic vision to advertising/marketing materials.  

Q2: With so much technology at peoples fingertips, what makes you stand out as a graphic design professional? Why should people use you?

I feel that I’m very detail oriented. I’m always careful to be sure that my artwork is prepared properly to ensure the best print quality product. I focus on creating marketing materials that not only look nice, but also are readable so that the marketing message is clear and concise.

Q3: To date, what is a fun project you’ve worked on? Why did you enjoy it?

Surgery Sam! Some of the most fun projects that I’ve worked on were volunteer assignments for local non-profits. The Imagine Nation wanted to create a life size “Operation” game. They asked me to create the artwork for the tabletop of the game. It’s such a great feeling to see my grandchildren play the Surgery Sam “operation” game.

Q4: As a creative artist, do you have any other hobbies related to the art/graphics industry?

I have created my own personal giveback called theart box gift. theart box gift is intended to provide art and craft supplies to anyone who may benefit from the LOVE of art.

The idea is to fill boxes with art and craft supplies, then I donate the boxes to individuals and organizations throughout Connecticut to promote art and creativity. I accept donations for these boxes throughout the year.

To find out more:

Q5: As a freelancer, you work with businesses, nonprofits, as well as companies like Mpression Marketing Group to help with their graphic design needs. What/why do you enjoy working with a company like Mpression Marketing Group?

The projects that I get to work on with Mpression Marketing Group are different than my usual. I have been designing employee benefits materials for years, and continue to design for insurance agents and agencies even today. Working with Mpression allows me to work on a variety of different projects such as political campaigns and marketing materials for local businesses. 

Learn more about June Schilling:

June Schilling (Graphic Designer) offers creative design services to businesses and individuals. With her years of experience, knowledge and expertise, she is able to provide creative design solutions for a wide variety of print products. Her goal is to consistently meet or exceed client expectations, while keeping within budget and delivering on time. |

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