Mobile Websites on Steroids: The Mobile App

I’m sure you can remember a time when you were on your way to a retail store but forgot to check the inventory of an in-store item before embarking on your journey. You shoved your hand hastily into your pocket while trying to hold the wheel and pulled out your smart phone. The moment you innately selected your web-browsing app and punched in the store’s web address, you were already asked to “leave your browser” and continue to the alternative: the mobile app.

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Truth be told, the Internet browser is no longer the only means of marketing. Mobile apps have recently claimed dominion over the Internet marketing world, merely pushing aside the conventional web browser. In fact, a marketing platform known as Swrve reports that mobile apps are used five times more than mobile browsers.

Does this mean we should put an end to full websites if the odds are against them? Also, does this mark doomsday for brick and mortar establishments?

Don’t call in the bulldozers just yet. Swrve warns against replacing web browsing and also deletes any worry of physical shopping coming to an end any time soon. Instead, they suggest to push mobile apps first and to reserve other means of marketing as backup. Their reasoning is that customers of the 21’st century use “all channels available to them in a unified way.” With that being said, mobile apps are boosting sales and marketing tools instead of replacing the existing ones.

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