Talk Therapy

Those of you who know me on a personal level know that 24/7 mobile phone use…okay maybe dislike isn’t a strong enough word!

But, none the less, this brings me to today’s blog topic on “talk therapy”, which came to me after reading Entrepreneur Magazine’s article, “Treponomics: Esquire Guy” in the latest November issue.

First off let me start with a question.

Do you prefer phone, email, text or face-to-face conversation?

Sometimes it depends on the purpose, but my guess is that most of us (me included), send an abundance of daily emails versus picking up a phone or driving on location to ask a question or share information with a client.

Unlike email and text, the phone forces you to be honest and more accurate. You can sense emotion over the phone that is priceless. Many of us are wary of picking up the phone. You don’t want to bother people. You think it is quicker. Or you yourself are not in the mood for talking.

Here are three perfect examples of when you should pick up the phone:

(1) When there is an emergency, such as a problem with a client’s account. An email is a way to avoid a client’s backlash, but it is the least effective form of communication in this scenario. Own up to your mistake and treat them the respect they deserve by picking up the phone and calling them personally.

(2) You are waiting to hear back from them on a new proposal. The easiest way for someone to avoid you is to ignore an email or text. If you get them on the phone, you can sense a person’s hesitation or frustration. This sense of emotion allows you to ask key questions to get them from being on the fence about a new product to a new signed customer.

(3) Want to know how a current customer or prospect is doing. Possibly you haven’t been in touch with a customer in awhile. Maybe they have a birthday coming up or a new life changing event has taken place in their lives, such as a marriage or baby. Pick up the phone and say hello. A Facebook “happy birthday” post and a text saying “what’s up” are a dime a dozen. They have gotten to the point of almost being meaningless.

In summary, there is a huge difference between talking passionately about something versus having someone read it. It creates excitement, demand, and is overall more human. Stop obsessing over email and text messaging and TALK. Sound will always be the #1 way to communicate.

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