Mpression Marketing Group was founded in 2007 to help small businesses incorporate consistent marketing strategies with the goal to increase revenue by strengthening relationships with new and existing clients.

With so much pressure to compete with online media, such as social media, email, video, podcasts, content writing and more – we’ve developed products and services that align directly with your long term goals and can fit into most marketing budgets.

We pride ourselves on being your companies’ agency partner that focuses on amplifying your business across online and offline platforms. Based on this structure, our clients receive year round marketing with pay-as-you go services, while saving money and avoiding the common mistakes of hiring an entry-level inexperienced employee.

Those who’ve used our agency recoup their investment by building customer loyalty, increasing brand awareness and strengthening their brand within their industry.

Michelle Stanish

Founder/ Marketing Director

Boss (but not too bossy) Boss Lady

Michelle Stanish

Michelle Stanish founded Mpression Marketing Group in 2009 when she saw a need for small business marketing support. Her background in graphic design and marketing allows her to dive into companies and learn the in/outs of their worlds. With no "one size fits all" maketing solution, her goal was to put together an arsinal of talent to encompass an overall marketing mix. She can be found networking and speaking throughout local Chamber of Commerce's and has written a book called Social Media Calendar: Blueprint to Generating Conversation Online.

Anthony LoFrisco, Jr.

Digital Media Marketing

All Things Digital

Anthony LoFrisco Jr

A career marketing professional, Anthony LoFrisco, Jr. has been practicing Digital Marketing for over 15 years. Anthony earned his certificate in Digital Media Marketing from NYU in 2008, and earned advanced certifications from Google, Bing and Yelp that he's maintained annually for over 10 years. He launched AdEdge Digital Marketing in 2007 and since that time, AdEdge has won multiple awards and maintains partnership status with Google. Anthony has personally helped hundreds of clients build their brands, generate website traffic, increase leads and produce sales, all online and within a very cost-effective framework. Anthony keeps up on emerging digital technologies by attending conferences and chatting with his Google Partner team on a regular basis. In his spare time, Anthony volunteers for Meals-on-Wheels, rides motorcycles and smokes his own salmon.

Linda Zukauskas

Writer/ Editor

Female Wordsmith

Linda Zukauskas

Linda Zukauskas is a copywriter who began her career producing software documentation. Today, she takes that passion for translating important content into engaging yet accurate content to create a wide variety of material for Mpression Marketing clients. Blogs are technically optimized for SEO and always give the reader at least one valuable take-away. Websites are interesting, informative, and, most importantly, portray a business with a passion and detail that gives site visitors an true impression of the business and those who spend their lives to build and grow it. Given Linda’s talent for interviewing Subject Matter Experts, data gathering sessions are fun and painless. As for the results? One client said, “After reading what Linda wrote about my business, I’d hire me!”

Jason Thomas

Graphic Designer/ Illustrator

Jason Thomas

Jason Thomas is a passionate graphic artist that has been in love with art and design since the day he picked up his first pencil. While he spends most of his days on the computer, he is constantly finding time to draw and doodle. He strives to ensure that his clients are continuously satisfied and proud of their end product. Art continues to be his first love as he continues to push creative boundaries with graphic design, vector and traditional styles.

June Schilling

Graphic Designer/ Print Specialist

june schilling

June Schilling has over 30 years experience in commercial advertising (specifically in healthcare and insurance). Her strength is in print design services such as logos, business packages, flyers, newsletters, brochures, posters, trade show displays and postcards. She can take a job from concept to the finished product without missing a beat. Knowing how to make the details work for my clients means shorter deadlines and smaller budgets… and fewer headaches.

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