Meet Anthony LoFrisco, Jr; Digital Marketer

At Mpression Marketing Group (formerly known as Mpression Graphics) we pride ourselves on working with a network of creative professionals to give our clients the best service and products possible.

You wouldn’t use a plumber to fix your car, therefore we don’t use a graphic designer to take photographs or a web developer to design logos. No one is perfect at all things “creative.” Therefore, we use the best graphic designers, photographers, web developers, copywriters and digital marketing specialists around to give you the expertise to help you with your specific marketing needs.

Second in our blog series, we talk with Anthony LoFisco, Jr a digital marketing expert and owner of AdEdge Digital Marketing located in Norwalk, CT.

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Q1: What intrigued you about entering the digital marketing industry?
I’ve always been intrigued with (and proficient in) both math, and art, science and creativity. Digital marketing requires a near even mix of both skills and as a marketer in my youth, I was naturally drawn to digital marketing as the technology emerged. I dove in over 15 years ago, earned my certificate in digital marketing at NYU, passed my first Google Ads test in 2007 and founded AdEdge Digital Marketing in the same year. I love what I do and I’m naturally good at it, and I try to surround myself with employees who share my passion.

Q2: With so much technology at people’s fingertips, what makes you stand out as a professional? Why should people use you?
Understanding everything that drives performance of a digital marketing campaign takes a lot of expertise and experience. While digital marketing seems simple on the surface (anyone can create a Google Ads campaign), understanding which tactics to use and how to optimize for high performance, takes a lot of thought and effort. Things like industry, sales cycle, competition, marketing budget and goals all play a role. Proficiency in Google Analytics is also critical. AdEdge was the first agency in Connecticut to earn advanced certifications from Google in both paid search and banner advertising. We are a Google partner and have been certified in Google Analytics every year since 2012.

Q3: To date, what is a fun project you worked on? Why did you enjoy it?
I would say one of the most fun projects we’ve worked on recently is with Chaz Wright at
Chaz sells and services pool tables and arcade games. What I love about working with Chaz is when we started with him several years ago, he was a much smaller company. Chaz has a very open mind and he trusts us. Being able to make a wide range of recommendations for Chaz and then seeing those through to fruition, is very rewarding. As Coastal Pool has grown, Chaz continues to invest proportionately in digital marketing. His success has enabled him to open up a retail store in Connecticut. We’ve enjoyed the challenge of growing this business and seeing it happen.

Q4: There are so many types of digital marketing strategies and tools, for someone starting to get their toes wet, where do you recommend they start? Why?
If I had to pick one digital marketing tactic for a new business to use, I’d say paid search with Google Ads. The reason for this is pretty simple. With Paid search, you can show ads to people in your market area who are searching right now for your products and services. You only pay when a prospect clicks through to visit your website and you can set caps on the cost per click and cost per day so that you can generate website activity and leads regardless of your budget.

Q5: You work with businesses, nonprofits, as well as companies like Mpression Marketing Group to help with their digital marketing needs. What/why do you enjoy working with Mpression? Benefit to client?
I enjoy working with Mpression and Michelle because she is a true marketer and knows her stuff. When I work with Michelle, I don’t have to spend a lot of time explaining things (although I’d be happy to if she asked because she’s not just smart, she’s also a very pleasant person to deal with). Working with Michelle’s clients has been a pleasure as well. When we build a new campaign, we always start by spending a lot of time asking questions and listening to what clients goals are, what they want to sell, and what they want to say to their perspective customers. By taking time to build a campaign that is in line with a company’s brand and goals, success comes much quicker and easier.

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AdEdge is a highly awarded digital marketing agency operating out of Fairfield County, Connecticut since 2007. AdEdge offers high performance digital marketing tactics including Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), banner advertising, Google Analytics, among others. To learn more about digital marketing tactics that might work well for your industry, contact or call 203-682-4585 for a free consultation.

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