Business Cards on Crack!

Tired of the same old business cards? It is easy to forget how important business cards play in the role of business and sales. It is often the first impression of your business that one receives. Here are some ways to spruce them up.

Painted Edge Business Cards

If you are anything like me; I love a full colored business card, but hate that the edges are white. No more! With painted edge business cards you can now have vibrant color edged on business cards on ultra thick 32pt stock to create a more bold statement at meetings, tradeshows and networking functions. Colors range from metallic, blue, gold, green, hot pink, purple or classic white.

Suede, Raised Spot UV Business Cards

Suede business cards have become increasingly popular, providing a smooth textured card. You can now enhance the design visually with suede through Raised UV. It’s shiny details rise above the card foundation and provide a velvety smooth texture that your customers can see and feel.

Send us an email to get a free sample, or to get a live-proof of your business card utilizing these new styles.

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