Become a LinkedIn Superstar

LinkedIn is the social network where business professionals gather to connect, share and leverage with other business professionals. Although it has hit a stagnant point in the market as far as social media network growth, it possibly has the most potential within the next decade due to the fact that is has a strong, target market.

Most clients ask us, “How do I leverage LinkedIn?”
Many individuals using the platform choose not to do so on a daily basis, nor do they know how to spend their time effectively.

Here are three ways to help you become a superstar on LinkedIn:

  1. Publish Content: LinkedIn allows you the ability to post content directly onto the network. Those who are connected to you will see these posts when they login to the network. This is where you want to share your knowledge and showcase your expertise. DO NOT SELL! This is a time to help educate others while using engaging, interactive content with compelling keywords and eye-catching photos.
  2. Connect, Connect, Connect: LinkedIn showcases what I like to call “announcements.” Every day they list work anniversaries, birthdays, those who’ve recently had a shift in job title, etc. You want to utilize these announcements and reach out to connect with the people to which they refer you. Ex: If you met with a client and you knew it was their birthday…would you not say “Happy Birthday?” It is the same story online. Reach out and make a connection. The great part is that you can do this everyday and it should only take you 5 to 10 minutes at most.
    1. Showcase Your Business: LinkedIn provides you the ability to add your company to the network. Within this business page you can publish content (as mentioned in #1) only this time it is posted to your business page (not your personal). Brands can now showcase their products, services, employees, achievements, etc. Creating a page for your business provides an additional way for people to find you. Often times when a user does a search a company will pop up prior to a person based on the keyword they are searching. You can even take it a step further and create a LinkedIn Ad for your company page, where you can then target to specific set of individuals.

Although there is no definite outlook to where LinkedIn will be in the next decade, I suspect it will stand tall as a highly efficient, business-networking tool.

If you need help setting up a business-geared, LinkedIn page, or desire one-on-one consulting, contact Mpression Marketing Group today! We also offer free advice via our Marketing Success Newsletter.

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