Is Your Site Mobile? Think Again

46% of Fortune 500 Companies Sites Are Not Mobile

29% of Top 500 Retail Sites Are Not Mobile

If you think your site is mobile compatible – you may want to think again!

You may have heard what people are calling “Mobilegeddon.”
Google has released sweeping changes to its search algorithm that will impact search results on smartphones.

CNN Money provided 5 Fast Facts to Google’s Changes that states a top search spot on Google attracts 20-30% of the page’s clicks. After that the #2 and #3 positions drop to only 5-10% of the clicks. And the positions below that receive less than 1% of users’ attention.

That is a significant dip in traffic!

Still need convincing on the importance of having a mobile site? provided a short 2 minute video on How Google’s ‘Mobilegeddon’ could hurt small business.

Not sure if your site is mobile?

Google Developers has a Mobile-Friendly Test Page. The test will analyze a URL and report if the page has a mobile-friendly design.


This adjustment will mean companies and retailers that have sites meeting these standards will rank higher in search results on phones.

Limited Time Offer:
Converting a typical website to be mobile compatible costs on average $380-$680 and takes 1-3 weeks to complete. Still not sure if it’s in your price range? Mpression Marketing Group is currently offering 25% off website mobile conversions.

If you are a designer, social media specialist or other creative and are not sure on how to make your client sites mobile or are looking to outsource this work. We are offering you 50% off our retail pricing (and your client will never need to know that we did the work)!

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