Top 5 Digital Marketing Tactics

1 – Paid Search

Paid search are text ads that appear in one of the top four positions of the search engine results page (SERP) like Google or Bing when a prospective client searches for your products, services or company.  Paid Search ads are “Pay Per Click” (PPC). You don’t pay when someone sees your ad, you only pay when someone clicks and visits your website or landing page.



How Paid Search Helps You:

Paid Search campaigns show ads to prospective clients in your area when they are searching for your products, services or your company “right now”.  In other words, only people with a clear and present need will see your ads. It helps to build some recognition of your company but more importantly, clicks to your ads are from local, relevant prospects that make for great leads.

2 – Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising are ads which appear in the “newsfeed” of Facebook and Instagram, in the form of images on Pinterest and in various forms on LinkedIn and Twitter.  The platform and target methods are determined by what type of product or service you are selling, whether you are in the B2B or consumer market and what specific demographic you need to reach.

How Social Media Advertising Helps You:

Advertising on Social Networks is more likely to catch users “in the moment” when they are actively engaged with the content on their screen.  In this state, prospects are far more likely to notice and read your message and click the ads resulting in a visit to your website. Social media advertising builds your brand, name recognition and awareness of your product just like Coke has done. 

3 – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the effort that improves your natural (organic) rank in Search Engines like Google and Bing.  Natural results appear in the large section below paid ads, images and map listings. Natural results generate approximately 70% of clicks on the search engines and since there is no cost for these clicks, an investment in SEO can pay you back with increased website traffic over time.

How Search Engine Optimization Helps You:

Showing up in the natural section of page one of Google does two things.  1) It establishes you as a leader in your field among local, prospective clients.  2) It generates website activity from people who have searched for your keywords. This results in an increase in website traffic from good, relevant prospects that usually drives an increase in calls, leads and sales.




4- Reputation Builder

Business reputation builders do three main things: 1) tracks average customer satisfaction rates over time, 2) identifies unhappy customers so that you can address their concerns and 3) encourage customers who are happy with your products or services to leave positive reviews for you in the most prominent online directories.  We build custom pages for your clients and a reporting page for you.

How Does a Business Reputation Builder Help You:

This service allows you to track your customer satisfaction, identify problem areas in your business and encourage those customers and clients who love you to leave you positive reviews on the internet.  Having lots of good reviews diminishes the importance of poor or fair reviews. It improves your reputation and makes you a much more attractive business to contact.

5 – Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tracking software that allows us to tell where all of your website traffic is coming from and how beneficial the website traffic is from various sources.  We can tell how many people come to your website from direct traffic, natural/organic, paid, social media, and other sources. We can also drill into each traffic source to gather additional market data and intelligence.  For example, we can tell how many visits were generated by your paid search campaign, how long those visitors spent on your website and whether or not they took a desired action such as becoming a lead or buying something.  We can tell which campaigns, keywords and ads are working best. Google Analytics is a great tool that allows us to optimize your campaigns’ performance.

Source: AdEdge Digital Marketing, LLC

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